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The farming of the Fattoria San Paolo underwent some deep transformations and improvements recently. Up to some years ago the soil was mainly exploited for cheap fodder and cereal cultivation, which took away the true vocation of this land: the growing of the olive oil. The geological configuration, the altitude and the climate, which make this territory particularly fit for this kind of growing, induced the owners to start a massive planting, something that seemed to be truly challenging at the beginning.

The ancient tradition of growing the olive tree and the vine in this area was in fact almost totally uprooted since the sheep-breeding appeared in the fifties. The old cultivations, highly valuable but laborious, were almost fully dismantled by the owners of the time in order to make room for ovine pastures. When the family Mezzedimi took possession of the land there were no specifications about oil productivity in this area, and uncertain was the idea of the quality of the oil that could be obtained here.

There were just some memories of a few old farmers, strenuously remaining in the neighborhood, who kept saying how tasty were the oil, the wine and the fruits of San Paolo. With these only certainties, but with a lot of love and fortitude, the family embarked on the enterprise of bringing this land back to life. Today, with immense satisfaction and proud, we can say that the bet was won. The production of the oil started and it is a real delicacy. The way to go is still long, and maybe it will never end.

There are always a lot of plants to look after, the picking and the pressing to coordinate, the trimming to organize. But given the success of this initiative, we are planning to reintroduce also the production of wine and maybe even of the fruits. For the time being there is a lot of work and a few forces, but we do not lack enthusiasm and will. We want the Fattoria San Paolo to be a constant project.

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